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4 Crazy Ideas for a Crafting Career

4 Crazy Ideas for a Crafting Career  

Have we looked at the crafting industry closely? It has always been about aesthetic pleasure, feel-good and about manufacturers and places to buy. 

Craft Supplies, manufacturing and sales, constitutes a $15 billion a year industry. There are literally thousands of jobs ranging from manufacturing craft products and all the support jobs that go into product design, production, order fulfillment, warehouse staffing, etc. to selling and demonstrating craft product usage.

Take a look at local craft supply stores in your area for available jobs in the retail market. They are always excited to hire knowledgeable sales people who can help customers find the right project or product.

Want to make money from your crafting, get started. Create a large variety of finished goods that you can then offer for sale on sites like Open up your online shop and be ready to ship your crafts around the world. 

Take advantage of the internet, and run tutorials. Start growing your audience and getting the word out, and follow their best practices. All While selling the art you make. 

What are you waiting for, let your passion support your lifestyle?

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