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Crafts your Stress out

Crafts your Stress out

Looking for a way to unwind in a way where you feel refreshed and less restless?

You can always turn to your craft project. Wondering how that helps and what you can do?

Children are always seen to be active and fresh and looking at things from newer angles. Is it not wonderful to have a mind like that. They are enthusiastic about adding in colors, building, breaking, and making something new every other day. we got lost somewhere making DIY forts from cushions to settling with cubicles and walls. It's to build something again, to look at life with the same flash of bright colors.

Working on a project apart from your routine helps the brain de-focus all the attention on the day and while working on crafts brings in activities to parts of the brain responsible for creative problem solving which might have remained dormant for a very long time.

So while flexing a new brain muscle not only are we training ourselves to cut out the stress of the day but also making creative solutions a part of our thinking, which in turn reflects on finding these creative solutions to our daily stressors.

Some wonderful crafts you can dive into are:

  1. Gratitude Journals
  2. Painting
  3. Colouring books
  4. Clay molding
  5. Knitting
  6. Punch Needlecraft
  7. Crochet
  8. Diamonds and Beads crafts

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