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About Kraftareena

Crafting through Hassle (Stressle) Culture

We bring to you the one-stop shop for all your DIY needs, these art and craft kits come with simple instructions and a guaranteed feel-good factor.  Not just that, we tag along- the ability to be creative, productive, and refresh yourself from the comforts of your living room couches. 

Life is so full of work, travel, screens, and bills. All of this is often overwhelming and stressful. For better mental health that can be brought in simply by 

  • Moving away from these daily stressors, 
  • Focusing on one activity that uses both your mind and body, 
  • Juicing in some creativity 

We bring about a positive change to channel out the day's frustration. Also,  facilitate using time for your mental health improvement.

What could be better? 

Art and Craft have always been a solution!

Our products:

  1. Paper Quilling Kits - Exclusive collection, we provide video tutorials with each kit. 
  2. Paint By Numbers and Diamond Painting Kits- Plethora of designs, pick whichever you like, and start painting.
  3. Paint by numbers puzzles, 3d puzzles - Limited collection of products making your creative vision come to life.

About the founder

Being alone in a new city, a nine to five job with a biopharma firm, life just got too occupied, in the hustle of life; I was missing something, some space or activity that might help me destress, unwind and let some creativity out so I could take care of my mental health. 

I have always been a fan of painting and crafts, we are all encouraged to craft up in schooldays, with me it stuck around through experiences of compilations or just to relax in the evening. 

Art and craft is something that gives you a calming gratification almost instantly; you paint and there is a picture for you, join the pieces together, and there you have an art piece. 

Moving away from screens when one can not go out or there isn’t enough sun to motivate activity, the craft came to my rescue. 

You don’t have to be an artist, neither is art restricted to age. 

And that’s when I decided that I would do something to make this available to everyone, these DIY art and craft kits can be used by literally anyone from the age of 10 to 70. Create a healthy mind and wonderful distress and recoup routine from the comforts of your homes.